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Born out of passion for photography and seeded by the hard work The Luminance was formed to provide quality photography services and education. The Luminance has offices in Kolkata and Bengaluru and is set to have a global presence. The Luminance is a process driven company and follows an institutionalized approach to every project it undertakes, with a promise of timely delivery. Our classroom approach is very practical and focuses on minimum amount of theory and maximum amount of practical, in a ratio of 20% ad 80%.

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The Luminance

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You will love talking to our team, you will love the discussions we have and the effort we put in your idea for your shoot. We are NOT the same old service provider but like to do things differently. We are a passionate bunch of people and would love to know you and work with you.
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We are on a mission to change the face of photography institute and the way the photography is currently being taught here in Kolkata and subsequently other cities. Our objective is to provide top notch service to our clients and give them a output they absolutely fall in love with.

  • Quality
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  • World Class Output
  • Industry Development
  • Top Notch Courseware
  • Creativity

Luminence is a team of creative people

Let's work together in executing your Idea in a way that is uncomplicated.